Welcome to Xavier Creative House’s Public Relations Divison

At Xavier Creative House, our public relations support offerings are a natural extension of the creative skill set that we apply to creating and building brand awareness for our clients.

While we provide all of the traditional elements of a comprehensive Public Relations support program, we also know that PR for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device and biotech industries requires an additional and unique expertise. This is where you will find our sweet spot.

We not only know what it takes to build and maintain a Public Relations program, but we also understand all the additional nuances involved in doing that on the healthcare playing field.

One of the key elements that sets healthcare apart in that regard is the need to effectively leverage clinical data through key opinion leaders (KOLs) to build an identity of knowledge, trust and quality.

At Xavier, we know how to cultivate relationships with KOLs to provide valuable educational and clinical information to the medical community and the patients it serves.

Our public relations services fall into three specific areas of focus


  • Media outreach
  • Spokespersons
  • Industry insights
  • Press releases for business wires and trade media


  • Medical media/trade press positioning
  • Trade articles written by KOLs
  • Industry news
  • Product and technology features
  • Company appointments
  • Clinical cases/clinical evidence
  • Industry education


  • Patient education
  • New therapy introductions
  • Targeted campaigns at health and lifestyle channels
  • Physician to patient communications
  • Healthcare and consumer trend analysis